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For over thirty years, Joseph E. Sumerak has been on the leading edge of pultrusion technology. Some of his innovations include PULSTAR and DYNAPUL pultrusion machinery, GELSTAR, TOPSCAN and PUL-VISION process optimization instruments, Thermally Optimized Pultrusion (TOPDIE) FEA software and tooling, the application of heat pipes in pultrusion dies, and the development of Selective Interval Pulshaping for variable cross-section thermoset pultrusion.

Sumerak is available for international consultation to help your company achieve maximum productivity at minimum cost through innovation.

The phrase was selected in 1992 at the birth of Pultrusion Dynamics to convey the commitment to upgrade the capability of pultrusion companies by blending the often academic studies of researchers with the practical needs of manufacturers. The key to success along this path is to understand the science of heat transfer, fluid dynamics, reaction kinetics, composite design, etc., and to apply it in a practical and affordable manner to pultrusion process design and control.

This has been the mission statement of Joseph E. Sumerak throughout his career ventures -- a dedication to discovery and open discussion of pultrusion technology developments that can be applied to achieve maximum productivity at lowest cost.

The outcome is less reliance on the "Art" of Pultrusion and more confidence with the "Science" basis; less reliance on subjective interpretation of observations and more reliance on objective process data.

Again originating in 1992, the Pultrusion Dynamics focus was understanding what goes on inside the pultrusion die as discrete liquid resin saturated fibers are transformed into a consolidated high strength thermoset pultruded product through cross-linking reaction.

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