Four-port fitting
for pressure and
temperature sensing
in resin flow

Quick disconnect
ports for sensors

Pre-calibrated or
as required

For Resin Injection
Process Meter
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The Model PT1000 Resin Injection Process Meter is an instrument designed for monitoring the resin injection pultrusion process. Two digital meters are provided in an electronic enclosure for display of resin injection pressure and resin temperature.

A four-port connector is provided to mount the pressure transducer and the resin temperature thermocouple perpendicular to the flow of the injected resin. Connectors are provided with inch NPT (National Pipe Thread) threads for connection to the injection die and to inch plastic tubing for resin supply.

The pressure meter and transducer has been factory calibrated to display 500 psi full scale. An analog output of 0 to 5VDC is provided to record the pressure signal on a chart recorder or data logger for trending and storing process data. Twist lock connectors are mounted on the side of the instrument enclosure for the pressure transducer (6 pin) and the 5VDC analog signal (2 pin).

The temperature meter has been configured to display temperature in degrees F. A miniature Type J thermocouple jack is provided for the temperature input.

Pictures are provided of components and their proper connections.

Product Information:
  • Model Number: PT1000
  • Input Power Supply: 110/220V AC, two wire with ground
  • Pressure Transducer: 0 - 500 psi, flush diaphragm
  • Pressure calibration: 500 psi full scale
  • Temperature: Type J thermocouple, inch NPT fluid flow
  • Temperature calibration: Degrees F or Degrees C