Process Parameters

  • Temperature
  • Line Speed
  • Pull Force
  • Flow Rate
  • Pressure
  • Resin Level
  • Humidity

SPI Gel test sensors and supplies

Process exotherm supplies

Data acquisition systems

Wired and wireless solutions


Pultruders need information about their process and the manufacturing environment in order to optimize productivity and control costs.

Development engineering gathers information to establish processing parameters, product quality standards and cost basis for product pricing. Sumerak has developed methods and instruments over the years to assist the process engineer to better understand the processing environment.

  • Flexible data acquisition systems can be provided to collect multiple data points for temperature, pull force, line speed, resin flow and resin level as well as ambient temperature and humidity.

  • Fully configured instruments like GELSTAR and TOPSCAN developed by Sumerak in 1984 and 1994 respectively provided a pre-configured test and printing capability for process exotherm tests and SPI Gel tests. Both of these instruments have outlived their technical lives as electronics have evolved and become obsolete. The need for such a simple process evaluation platform has not diminished. And now, PUL-VISION, the next generation Pultrusion Process Optimization Instrument, is available for purchase from Sumerak Pultrusion Resource.

  • Measurement of key process parameters requires utilization of sensors for temperature, pressure, pull force, flow and level. The popularity of high-pressure resin injection methods for controlled VOCs in the production environment, or the use of reactive resins such as polyurethane, has necessitated the ability to display and trend resin injection pressures. A Resin Injection Process Meter has been configured for this purpose.

  • Heating devices and passive heat transfer products such as heat pipes, insulation and interface modification products can be provided for any pultrusion task. Knowledge of proper sizing of heat load and die geometry ensures maximum effectiveness and lowest cost of operation through proper selection.

  • Coming Soon! A fresh take on an old test method of use to pultruders in formulation development and quality control - The SPI Gel Test Method. Accuracy and consistency is necessary to assess conformance to formulation recipes and agreement with vendor Quality Certificates of Analysis. Identifying non-conforming resin batches is the first step to controlling pultrusion product quality.

Manufacturing engineering and production supervision is charged with producing quality products 24 hours a day in a challenging work environment. Operators are often consumed with full responsibility to provide raw material, service in-feed systems, fabricate and package finished product. The monotonous slow paced pultrusion production process often results in over-looking the obvious and gradual degradation of product features that are natural with scale build up. Even though process engineering may have a well defined process parameter set, the process environment includes what happens before and after material enters the die. Assistance can be provided for:

  • Sensing raw material motion, presence and tension can ensure proper fiber architecture will be maintained throughout the production period. Alarm and control actions can be configured to alert the operator to material outages before scrap results.

  • After product exits the die sensing the presence or absence of features or details on products can alert the operator to product deficiencies before scrap accumulation results in costly write offs, incomplete order fulfillment and customer returns.

  • A large amount of product scrap derives from improper cut off length. It's a tragedy to have a 30 foot long piece of scrap due to a short length below allowable tolerance 0.250 inches, for example. This is especially common when pulling multiple streams of product where gripper slippage occurs. Sensing and controlling product length can be achieved by low cost means that pay back in less than one day of production in many cases.

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