Sumerak Pultrusion Resource is positioned to assist the new or experienced pultruder or raw material supplier with research and development projects in a secure and confidential manner. Services include:

  • ANALYSIS of product composition utilizing proven techniques either with internal test equipment or managed through established technical affiliations. Analysis of processing parameters and processing associated product defects. Analysis of economic factors related to material composition or processing throughput.

  • DESIGN of pultruded profiles considering functional consolidation for the application through profile features enabled or precluded with the pultrusion process. Design of material in-feed systems and primary tooling. Design of processing devices for resin impregnation, resin injection and die heating.

  • PROTOTYPE capabilities include fabrication of low cost tooling and in-feed devices to produce limited quantities of proof of concept profiles.

    Along with its fully-owned affiliate, 4D Parts Direct, Sumerak Pultusion Resource is now pleased to offer fast and affordable rapid prototyping services to meet all of your design and development needs!

  • OPTIMIZE is a term that covers a modification of any aspect of the pultrusion effort from material composition and cost to process throughput and scrap reduction. The broad history of design, manufacturing and estimating both processing hardware and product development projects assures a realistic basis for scale up projections.

  • INSTRUCTION is essential to convey information to the recipient in a fashion that is readily understood with the initial delivery and the subsequent reference. Communication in verbal and written form has been a strong point evidenced by the numerous published works on processing, products and general pultrusion technology over 25 years. Communication to machine operators, production supervisors and the degreed engineers require different levels of detail to avoid TMI (Too Much Information) that can affect comprehension and application of training tools.

  • SUPPORT can be provided on a per project basis or through an affordable retainer relationship that allows for frequent and informal requests for assistance to bypass the cumbersome quotation and work definition process. The goal of SPRI is to always be current and aware of global developments that are of interest to the pultrusion community and to regularly convey information to subscribers to the technology support programs offered.